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A new exhibition is dedicated to the heroism of the fighters for the Motherland in the first months of the Great Patriotic War.

Anticipating a blitzkrieg, Wehrmacht’s soldiers took their photo cameras with them in order to eternalize their “deeds”. But even the first days of the invasion showed that no “easy walk” similar to the one in Europe was not to take place. First graves of the invaders had been dug on 22 June 1941 and were to multiply thereafter.

The photographs made by Wehrmacht’s soldiers give some sort of a view from the other side of the frontline, an unbiased evidence of the feat of arms accomplished by our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers.

Our Museum introduces an exhibition of photos from the collection of Andrei Karpov. He had officially purchased the photographs and carried out a great deal of research work. The identities of the dead military men, their affiliation to the troops formations, numbers of their fighting vehicles were established. Fragments of arms found in the course of the field searches make up an integral part of the exhibition.

The exhibition is open until the end of August 2017.




Such is the name of the exhibition dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the launch of the T-34 model with the famous hexagonal turret, named the “screw-nut turret” after the War.

Exhibits include a blueprint of the left side of Т-34 (made in 1942, displayed in public for the first time), reference data on the tank model produced in 1942, photographs, drawings, articles including those in the US and French publications. The tank’s optical devices, armored turret plug protecting the firing opening and scale models are of special interest.

The exhibition is open on the ground floor of the Museum until 31 August.

No preliminary registration is required to see the exhibition.




Traditional event held by T-34 Tank History Museum

Eleventh Procession through Time started on 22 June 2017 near the building of T-34 Tank History Museumat the dawn of the Day of Memory and Grief commemorating the day when the Great Patriotic War had begun. After a memorial rally, followed by one-minute silence in memory of the defenders of the Motherland flowers were laid to the commemorative cross standing on the Museum’s Memory Square. The final memorial rally was held and the flowers were laid to the communal grave of the defenders of Moscow in the park of Lugovaya.

A resume of this year’s Procession Through Time was made by Larisa Vasilieva, President of Т-34 Tank History Museum:

– The morning of 22 June. Just think, what it means to us…I believe it means something benignant in spite of the painful memories that lie underneath.

An astonishing historic example that repeats itself and never teaches anyone. Napoleon once stood on the Hill of Respectful Salutation waiting for the Russian noblemen to come with the keys to Moscow. He waited for long, but it was all in vain. The French emperor shrugged his shoulders in surprise and said something really shocking: “It seems that they do not know how to surrender.”

And yes, the soldiers of our nation have never known how to surrender. Such is the great and terrible lesson we have to learn. This modest procession in commemoration of the first morning of the war that had changed the destiny of the nation, in a typical summer morning when the sun and the moon cross their rays, when the mists wander about the hills of the Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya Ridge, this austere, solemn and mournful procession was some sort of a meeting with those who had given their lives to enable us to go, go and go…

In this procession we are joined by all those who went to fight in fateful forties and who were confident in our ability to take up their banners if need be. They will always be alive in our hearts: tanks and tankmen, infantry soldiers and Navy men, very young nurses… By way of sacrificing their lives they ordered us to keep the memory of the war years, so that the war never repeats itself.

The soul was bright and clear after the procession as though it was laved by the water from a spring of human love, our love to them and THEIR love to us. I sincerely wish that everyone experiences the similar feelings in the next Days of Memory and Grief.