State budgetary institution of culture of Moscow
Moscow region, Mytishchi district, p/o Marfino, village Sholokhovo, house 89A,



Such is the name of the exhibition in Т-34 Tank History Museum dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Battle of Stalingrad, recovery of the Stalingrad Tractor Works (STW) and resumption of tank repairs in April 1943.

As an extension of the Museum’s «Battle of Stalingrad» section the exhibition enables the visitors to familiarize themselves with the milestones in the history of STW, its operation in the days of the greatest battle on the bank of Volga, as well as to take a careful look at the rarities – Т-34 track shoes made by STW, weapons, ammunitions, uniforms, military equipment used by the Red Army soldiers and workers who defended the plant, as well as by German, Italian and Hungarian invaders. Visitors can also see some exhibits from the Museum’s collection, war relics dug out by the search groups, collection of military uniforms from S. Chibineyev (town of Pushkino in Moscow Region) and unique photos made by A. Polozhenkov, an employee of the STW, just after the liberation of Stalingrad by the Soviet troops in 1943.

The exhibition is on display on the first floor of the Museum until the end of April 2018.