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The name of N. Kucherenko is inextricably linked to the history of the tank building in the Soviet Union.

The famous tank designer and organizer of tank production started his career at the legendary Comintern Locomotive Plant in Kharkov. The work record of the designer, head of the design office and deputy chief designer of the tank building plant included direct participation in the creation and introduction into serial production of the following tanks: Т-24, BТ-2, BТ-5, BТ-7, BТ-7М, Т-34, Т-34-85, Т-44, Т-54 and a number of experimental tanks. After the Great Patriotic War N. Kucherenko headed the Main Tank Section of the USSR Ministry of Transport Machine Building. Later, as the Chief Engineer of Plant № 183 in Nizhny Tagil, he took part in the improvement of Т-54 medium tank. Since 1957 he headed the Main Department of the USSR Ministry of Defense Industry ensuring the release of medium, heavy and fire-throwing tanks, tank destroyers and self-propelled launching vehicles. He was also in charge of the creation of experimental tanks, tanks equipped with anti-tank missile systems, super-heavy self-propelled artillery vehicles, infantry fighting vehicles and armored assault vehicles, as well as some prospective tank models.
After retirement and until death N. Kucherenko worked as the Deputy Chairman of the Armored Section of the Scientific and Technical Board of the Ministry of Defense Industry. For more than 20 years he worked as the Editor-in-Chief of “Herald of Armored Materiel”, a scientific and technical magazine.
A specializes exhibition dedicated to the 110th anniversary of Nikolai Kucherenko was prepared by the staff of T-34 Tank History Museum. Photographs, press clippings, books, documents and Kucherenko’s personal effects from the Museum’s archives are on display for the first time ever.
The exhibition makes the visitors fully aware of the contribution of this talented tank builder to the formation of the current might of the Motherland’s armed forces.
The exhibition is located on the ground floor of the Museum. No extra ticket, nor preliminary registration is required to visit it. A special excursion dedicated to N. Kucherenko may be ordered for the applicable excursion fee.
The exhibition is on display until the end of January 2018.