State budgetary institution of culture of Moscow
Moscow region, Mytishchi district, p/o Marfino, village Sholokhovo, house 89A,
Main / Program / “GLITTERING STEEL”


Exhibition of tank troops uniforms from the collection of Sergei Chibineyev

The development of the Soviet armored forces was characterized not only by the introduction of new fighting vehicles but also by the on-going changes in the uniform – from rank-and-file tankmen to marshals. Examples of everyday, field and parade uniforms of different years allow to trace the development of this important element of one of the key strike forces of the Army. Many of the showpieces would seem unusual to the young visitors. Veterans would cast their minds back to the times of their service in the armored troops and share some of the secrets inherent to these uniforms with the youngsters. The uniforms are on display on the ground floor and on the first floor of the Museum. No pre-registration is required to the see the exhibition which is open until 26 November 2017.